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16 Thoughts-Blowing Advantages of Consuming Chilgoza (Pine Nut) on Your Thoughts and Physique

Chilgoza pine nuts are well-known for being a superfood in addition to a dietary nutrient-rich complement. Let’s uncover the Chilgoza advantages and know its advantages for us.

What Is Chilgoza (Pine Nut)?

Chilgoza or pine nuts belong to a definite selection used as a superb dietary complement for the physique. The pine selection is comparable in form to stone pines, whereas the Chilgoza pine’s distinctive function is the three-needle form of the leaves and a trunk girth of 3-4 metres.

Chilgoza Vitamin Details

The nutrient-rich Chilgoza pine nut is a beneficial superfood. Let’s look into the Chilgoza vitamin info as illustrated under for 100g of Chilgoza pine nut:





Complete fats

100 g


2 mg


597 mg

Complete Carbohydrate

13 g


14 g

The share of nutritional vitamins and minerals current in 100g is as proven under:

Nutritional vitamins/Minerals

Amount in 100g



Vitamin C




Vitamin B-6




Chilgoza Advantages

Chilgoza advantages embody the next —

1. Chilgoza Advantages Throughout Being pregnant

Pregnant girls and lactating moms can use the Chilgoza dry fruit advantages and supply nourishment to their creating infants. Containing a wealthy amount of iron and folate, Chilgoza induces the improvement and progress of the mind of the kid when consumed often by pregnant girls.

2. Chilgoza Advantages for Hair

Chilgoza well being advantages embody creating thick hair and having glowing clear pores and skin. For individuals affected by hair loss or hair thinning, pine nut oil could be a great treatment. Being wealthy in vitamin E, Chilgoza boosts hair progress and helps to keep up a wholesome scalp. Consuming pine nuts or making use of pine nut oil may help you kind hair points naturally.

3. Chilgoza Advantages for Pores and skin

Need clear and glowing pores and skin naturally? Then it is best to undoubtedly strive utilizing pine nuts as a face scrub. Powder pine nuts and blend an equal amount of rice flour. Add the required quantity of rice water to type a paste and apply it as a face scrub. Get superb outcomes with the scrub, or apply pine nut oil because it incorporates alpha-tocopherol. The latter helps deeply moisturize the pores and skin and stop a sudden breakout of zits.

4. Good Supply Of Important Fatty Acids

Consuming Chilgoza pine nuts helps keep a wholesome coronary heart and correct lipid profile. The presence of wholesome unsaturated fatty acids, primarily 51% linoleic acid and 37% is oleic acid, helps stop the onset of heart-related points by defending it. Chilgoza incorporates the required quantity of saturated fats that lowers the full levels of cholesterol and maintains a wholesome lipid profile.

5. Promotes a Robust Immune System

The presence of potent antioxidants, specifically gallocatechin, catechin, lutein, lycopene, carotenoids, and tocopherols, helps stop free radical harm to cells, battle oxidative stress and assist the immunity system. A steady provide of zinc helps in lowering irritation, thereby triggering immunity and defending you from power ailments.

6. Supply Of Vitality

Chilgoza pine advantages embody being an power booster for undernourished kids, individuals with low magnesium ranges, and people who want energy-dense diets. The excessive quantity of magnesium in Chilgoza helps with elevated oxygen supply to all of the cells of the physique. This will increase oxygen uptake and burns extra energy, which in flip will increase power ranges.

7. Fights Viral Assaults

Viruses that trigger flu and herpes are warded off by the polysaccharides current in Chilgoza. Making use of pine nut oil, with sturdy antiviral and antifungal traits, can repel mosquitoes out of your pores and skin, thereby conserving ailments unfold by mosquitoes at bay.

8. Assists with the Administration of Diabetes

Diabetes has a number of signs like imaginative and prescient points, strokes, weight achieve, and so on. These signs could be managed by consuming pine nuts often. It additionally reduces dangerous levels of cholesterol in addition to controls glucose ranges.

9. Improve in Weight Loss

For all these weight-watchers, right here is a superb snack that may assist along with your weight reduction. Pine nuts comprise pinolenic acid, which may induce hormones (cholecystokinin) that alerts the mind by providing a sense of fullness, thereby controlling your urge for food. This helps you avoid premature, pointless, and unhealthy snacking of junk meals.

10. Chilgoza Advantages for Males

Chilgoza incorporates zinc that helps in regulating the male intercourse hormone testosterone. This, in flip, will increase the sperm rely in addition to improves the sperm motility for impregnation.

12. Enhance in Mind Well being

Mind ageing or deterioration could be prevented by together with pine nuts in your eating regimen. Iron current in Chilgoza is important for oxygen storage and supply within the blood. Magnesium in pine nuts can help in enhancing the efficiency of those that undergo from anxiousness and despair throughout their adolescence.

13. Improves Bone Power

Vitamin Okay regulates using calcium deposits, which in flip elevates the bone mineral density and decreases the fracture charges. Chilgoza dry fruit advantages embody strengthening of bones. Pine nuts, being wealthy in Vitamin Okay, are useful when included in your common eating regimen.

14. Retains Eyes Wholesome

The Chilgoza dry fruit advantages embody enhancing imaginative and prescient and defending eyes towards macular degeneration and glaucoma. Eyesight is improved because of the antioxidant nature of carotenoids, lutein, and zeaxanthin, which assist in filtering out dangerous UV rays and battle off free radicals for acute imaginative and prescient within the central retina.

15. Most cancers Threat is Considerably Diminished

A number of research carried out on lowering most cancers threat when nut consumption is frequent have supplied passable outcomes. One specific examine proved a 24% enhance within the threat of pancreatic most cancers when there is a 100 mg lower in magnesium serum ranges in a day. Consuming Chilgoza pine nuts helps in sustaining your magnesium ranges, thereby aiding to thrust back most cancers.

16. Ease PMS Signs

In case you are a girl affected by PMS signs, then snacking on pine nuts is a wonderful treatment because it incorporates magnesium and vitamin B6, which assist in lowering the severity of PMS signs.

Chilgoza Makes use of

Chilgoza makes use of, together with the advantages, have made it a sought-after pine nut. Chilgoza pine nut oil is utilized in conventional medication because of its antiviral, antibacterial, antifungal, antiseptic and expectorant properties.

The delicate aroma and candy flavour are conducive to Chilgoza pine nut use as a provider oil in aromatherapy and beauty merchandise. It is also used as a therapeutic massage oil.

Chilgoza Facet Results

There are a number of Chilgoza advantages because of which individuals who eat it ought to pay attention to the potential Chilgoza unwanted effects too —

  • Common consumption has brought on a distinction within the sensory notion of style buds in some.
  • Pine mouth is a situation the place a shopper of pine nuts has a bitter metallic style, which may final for nearly per week.
  • Rashes and itching
  • Indigestion, bloating, vomiting, and diarrhoea are additionally reported
  • Respiratory issue

Origin and Cultivation of Chilgoza

The botanical title of Chilgoza pine nuts is ‘pinus gerardiana’. The pine tree is present in Kishtwar in Kashmir and Pangi, Bharmour, and Kinnaur in Himachal Pradesh. Being coniferous, Chilgoza withstands winter chilly, sturdy winds, and extended drought circumstances.

The way to Eat Chilgoza (Pine Nut)

You’ll be able to have pine nuts uncooked and dry and add them to salads, desserts, and so on. You’ll be able to munch on them, and your physique will profit from the vitamins. One other technique to eat pine nuts is by making pesto sauce the place you combine pine nuts, olive oil, basil, garlic and Parmesan cheese right into a paste and use it in pasta or sandwiches.

Chilgoza Worth

The Chilgoza worth ranges round Rs 4000 per kilogram.

Summing Up on Chilgoza Advantages

Chilgoza pine nuts, being a nutrient-rich supply, are consumed for attaining a number of well being advantages. They assist keep a wholesome digestive system and might present a steady provide of zinc, magnesium, and so on.

Ceaselessly Requested Questions

Why Chilgoza Is So Costly?

In response to merchants and locals coping with Chilgoza cultivation, the worth of pine nuts is excessive as they’re more durable to reap, and their maturity interval might lengthen as much as three years.

How Many Pine Nuts Ought to I Eat a Day?

You’ll be able to eat 56g of pine nuts per day.

Is Chilgoza Good for Diabetes?

Elevated insulin sensitivity is induced by the unsaturated fat present in Chilgoza. Decrease glycemic index ranges are noticed when consumed often, thereby aiding those that have diabetes.

Are Pine Nuts a Superfood?

Sure, it is a superfood and nutrient-rich supply that helps you keep a wholesome coronary heart, glowing pores and skin, thick hair, and good eyesight.




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