17 Day Diet Review

17 Day Diet Review

The 17 –Day Diet was invented by Dr. Mike Monero and enables obese people and individuals wanting to lose weight to hurdle perennial issues related with dieting, particularly boredom. The diet program has enjoyed popularity after being featured on popular TV shows. It is hinged on the principle that the human body gets used to changes in diets after 21 days, but it takes 17 days for human metabolism to decrease as a response to diet changes. Thus to prevent the body from adjusting to these changes, diet plans are changed every 17 days. Each cycle of the diet plan varies the foods included in the meals such as fruits, vegetables and meat.

How does it work?

The diet program has four cycles of 17 days. Intake of carbohydrates is modified during each cycle. This is to confuse the human body particularly the metabolic process, and enable the body to increase its weight reduction process.

In the first cycle of the diet program, the dieter has to take an average of 1200 calories a day. During this phase called Accelerate, the person reduces his intake of carbohydrates in order to flush out fats and sugar stored in the body. An ideal daily food intake consisting of lean meat, sugar fruits, and green tea characterizes this stage of the diet. Starchy vegetable is prohibited while the dieter is encouraged to drink 64 ounces of water every day.

In the second cycle referred to as Activate, the daily calorie intake is increased to 1500. This increase in calorie intake helps in stimulating the fat burning capability of the body, while avoiding plateaus that can hamper the progress made by the weight loss program.

After 17 days, the third cycle emerges. In this third stage, the dieter is instructed to control the portion of the foods he eats. More fruits and grains are incorporated in the meals while lean meat is significantly reduced. This is the stage where the meals change from being low-carb to a more balanced diet. Introduced during this stage are fitness routines that need to be performed for 17 minutes six days a week.

By the fourth cycle, dieters are expected to have reached their ideal goal weight. Dieters are still advised to maintain a balanced diet and regularly exercise. However they can splurge a little bit by eating their favorite foods during the weekends. But if they gain weight by more than five pounds, then dieters are instructed to do cycle 1 all over again.


There is no need to enroll in the program. Dieters only have to purchase the 17 Day Diet Book which retails for $25. The said book written by Dr. Monero himself is considered as the Bible of the 17 Day Diet. The book lists down specific food items that are recommended for the diet program. Additional items that may be purchased by dieters include a workout DVD to help them in their 17 minute exercise routines and a companion workbook. Both products are sold separately at $15 each.


Like most diet programs, the 17 Day Diet has its upsides and downsides. In terms of advantages, the most distinct advantage of this diet program is that it avoids boredom and fatigue. Dieters who have tried the 17 Day Diet profess that they were able to stick to the program because they were made to try different types of foods. The dynamism of the diet makes it easier for people to continue with their weight loss program.

Most dieters also say that the results are favorable and fast particularly in the first phase. It is not uncommon for people who have tried the 17 Day Diet to lose up to 15 pounds in the first phase. The positive and quick results of the diet program encourage more dieters to continue the plan.

Nutrition is not compromised with this diet because the meals are balanced with carbohydrates, fiber and proteins.

The program is also relatively cheaper to follow unlike other diet programs sold online. There is no need to pay sign-up fees or to attend meetings. Dieters also don’t have to order food from one source, so they can prepare meals of their own choice.


There are also downsides to this diet program. For one, the theory raised by Dr. Monero about calorie cycling has not been proven effective in increasing the body’s metabolic rate.

The first phase of the diet program may make a person lethargic and week because the meals are low in calories.

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