Pet Ownership Can Protect Us From Heart Disease? Know the Truth from Cheap Lindfield Vet Clinic

Pet Ownership Can Protect Us From Heart Disease? Know the Truth from Cheap Lindfield Vet Clinic

Since cardiovascular disease becomes common nowadays, American Heart Association together with other health groups strives harder to motivate and educate everyone on the significance of exercise, heart-friendly foods and etc. to fight against this life threatening disease.

But did you know that owning dogs or cats could also help reduce the risk of having cardiovascular disease? There are parallels, which show the real connection between canine or feline and heart disease.

Dr. Glenn Levine, one of the cardiologists from Houston said that for the past few decades, there are already studies and reports which associate cardiovascular risk and pet ownership. He analyzed closely how pets can greatly influence human heart health.

He simply implies that when you own a pet, you are also reducing the possibility to have a heart disease. Lots of factor affects such relationship. This can be because healthier people own pets or in some ways, this can be because people which have pets tends to exercise better. Dogs and cats also play a significant role in the social aspect of their owner.

Pets boost up physical activity.

Though there are already thousands of reports and studies which link heart disease and pet ownership, none of them were able to present strong evidence. They were just announced to motivate owners or even orient what does a paralysis tick look like and how to prevent their pets acquiring related diseases. However, recently, American Heart Association pursued a study and ended with a conclusive proof. Pets, especially dogs are human’s heart best friend against heart disease.

Dr. Thomas Lee from Harvard Heart Letter suggested that for those who have dogs, they have the chance to live longer rather than those who have the feline in their home. Why? It’s because dogs can cause their owners to live and exercise better than before. In addition to that, dog lovers live longer because they have a caring pet.

AHA further investigated about the evidence and found out that dog owners seem to have reduced blood pressure, better cholesterol  profile, less vulnerable to stress and above all, can overcome heart attack.

Should you adopt pets?

Proven that dogs can miraculously reduce any heart attack risk, should everyone rely on their dogs when it comes to their heart health?

Of course not! AHA panel strongly emphasized that if you are planning to rescue, adopt or buy a pet, it must just because you want to lower the risk if having heart disease. Owning a dog is not an alternative solution for getting a regular physical activity or medical care.

Dr. Lee noted that loneliness isn’t good whether for psychological or cardiovascular matters.  Though it isn’t good to prescribe dogs as treatment or prevention against heart illness, he told that he won’t either discourage everyone to adopt one.

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