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Greatest Pure Backyard & Garden Fertilizers

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Greatest, pure fertilizers to contemplate in your vegetable backyard, garden, and landscaping vegetation which are budget-friendly too!

woman applying epsom salts fertilizer to garden plants

Provide chain points and skyrocketing costs are driving extra individuals to attempt pure fertilizers for his or her garden and backyard as a substitute of business variations.

Since I dwell in Florida, which has very sandy soil that’s low in minerals, fertilizing is essential!

Thus, I assumed I might share how I fertilize my landscaping vegetation and vegetable backyard. If it really works properly the place I dwell, then there’s a good probability it would work wherever!

I used to make use of an natural fish emulsion as fertilizer. The draw back of that method is that the odor lasts for a day or two after software even after watering. This brings within the critters, particularly raccoons.

So, for the previous ten years since we began elevating yard chickens, I’ve used different strategies which I share under.

Epsom Salts

Epsom salts for detoxing bathing is how most individuals learn about magnesium sulfate.

These little white crystals that readily dissolve in water make a improbable fertilizer for vegetation each inside and outdoors your house too!

It solely takes small quantities frequently utilized to maintain vegetation wholesome, sturdy, and pest resistant all yr lengthy.

Epsom salts are a really cheap selection for fertilizer too. I picked up a number of 8-pound baggage the opposite day for less than $5.39 every. Message me within the purple chatbox if you need to know the place.

Over the span of a complete rising season, I’ll use solely considered one of these 8-pound baggage for each my backyard and landscaping beds.

Vegetable Gardens

As a soil modification when beginning a backyard, sprinkle about 1 cup of Epsom salts per 100 sq. ft (10′ x 10′) and blend into the soil earlier than planting.

Azomite is a superb soil modification as properly however isn’t appropriate for normal fertilizing.

After the backyard soil is prepared, I additionally sprinkle two tablespoons of Epsom salts round every new seedling after planting and water in completely.

For tomatoes, sprinkle one teaspoon across the base of the plant per foot of peak each two weeks and water completely.


Apply roughly one-half pound per 1000 sq. ft of garden utilizing a fertilizer spreader after which water in completely.

Do that as soon as a month for a lush, wholesome, toxin-free garden that your youngsters can play on all yr lengthy.


Epsom salts actually deliver within the flowers and preserve the blooms going longer!

Sprinkle two tablespoons across the base of annuals and perennials at planting and water in completely. Then, combine one teaspoon of Epsom salts per gallon of water to feed flowers each 1-4 weeks.

For roses, sprinkle one teaspoon of Epsom salts per foot of plant peak each two weeks and water completely.

For azaleas and rhododendrons, apply one tablespoon per 9 sq. ft (3′ x 3′) over the basis zone each 2-4 weeks.


Apply two tablespoons for each 9 sq. ft (3′ x 3′) of root zone each 4 months. Water completely after making use of.


Combine one teaspoon per gallon of water and feed to vegetation each 1-4 weeks.


Making your individual compost at house to unfold in your backyard and landscaping vegetation may be very simple. It’s also probably the most cheap fertilizer of all!

Sadly, when some individuals consider compost, they consider manure. This could generally lead to a fast dismissal of compost as an choice for his or her house.

Who needs to be spreading manure of their backyard or round their home?

Not me!

Whereas compost manure is one thing utilized by giant agricultural operations, for householders, it may be made completely from plant matter!

In truth, correctly made compost smells divine…earthy, wealthy, and even a bit candy.

When getting began, you may both purchase or make your individual compost bin with scrap supplies if you’re helpful.

I take advantage of this compost tumbler (with two compartments) and easily add kitchen veggie scraps/espresso grinds and wooden chips (get cheap giant baggage from the feed retailer) at a ratio of 1:2 respectively.

The wooden chips are helpful as rooster bedding too for those who preserve yard poultry.

While you first begin a batch of compost, add a scoop of wealthy, natural backyard grime to provoke the method with the correct useful microbes.

Sure! Composting is a bit like fermenting meals within the kitchen!

I flip the tumbler 5 occasions each week to maintain the air flowing and moisture shifting. Inside about 6-8 weeks, you’ve got a batch of compost to unfold wherever in your property the place you want fertilizing.

What pure fertilizers do you employ for vegetation in and round your house?

woman applying natural fertilizer to yellow flowers


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