Written by Parker Ackerman, Diet Counselor at Camp Shane Texas


Bagels the scale of frisbees, pizza slices which can be larger than our faces, and bowls of pasta so deep that our forks can barely discover the underside! It’s no shock that the waistlines of children and adults have expanded over the previous couple of years. In fact, a part of the issue is that meals consumed right this moment are excessive in saturated fats, sugar, and sodium – and comprise little to no vitamins. But there are a large number of things that contribute to this downside – and amount performs as a lot a task as high quality.

Image your youngster’s favourite meal… now image it 75% smaller. Would your youngster be a cheerful buyer with this smaller serving? It’s not obscure why the meals trade serves extra meals than mandatory: Individuals like to really feel that they’re getting their cash’s value. That is why it’s essential to take duty for you and your youngster’s parts and to show children in regards to the well being values of portion management.

Listed here are some useful tricks to management portion sizes:

  • Serve meals on smaller plates to make the amount of meals look bigger. Serve a sandwich on an appetizer plate somewhat than a dinner plate.
  • When cooking massive portions of meals or storing leftovers, separate the meals into smaller extra managed parts earlier than storing.
  • Keep away from letting children eat out of their authentic containers – no person ought to ever eat instantly from a big bag of chips or container of ice cream. Persons are much less prone to overeat when served particular person parts.
  • Pre-portion meals on the counter to keep away from bringing the entire pot or plate to the desk. This decreases temptation for seconds since meals won’t be at arm’s attain. If seconds are needed, all the time go for the veggies first.
  • Buy single-serving dimension snacks to assist your children be taught correct portion sizes.
  • Keep away from skipped meals. Goal for 3 wholesome meals and two snacks all through the day to keep away from overeating at some meals.
  • Add salad or fruit to the beginning of a meal to assist management starvation and management caloric consumption.
  • Don’t rush via meals. Eat slowly and permit about 20 minutes earlier than going for seconds. This can can help you establish whether or not or not you might be truly hungry.
  • Since restaurant parts could also be two, three, or much more instances the really helpful serving dimension – attempt sharing meals, ordering an appetizer as a predominant dish, ordering a toddler dimension meal, or asking for a to-go field and taking half of the meal dwelling.

It’s best to all the time keep away from serving youngsters massive parts and anticipating them to complete all the pieces on their plate. Kids want much less meals than adults. Curiously sufficient, research have confirmed that preschoolers do a greater job controlling portion dimension when allowed to serve themselves.


Tips for Healthy Weight Loss: Controlling Portion Sizes

The Camp Shane Staff