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Is Chewing on Ice Cubes Dangerous for Your Tooth? 

Perhaps you do it out of boredom. It’s doable you just like the satisfying, “crunch, crunch, crunch” sounds it makes. Maybe it’s a sizzling and humid day, and also you simply want to chill down. Irrespective of the rationale, there are many individuals on the market who like to chomp down on cubes of ice.

Probably the most frequent questions that we get at Babylon Dental Care is, “Is chewing on ice cubes dangerous for my enamel?”

The reply is an unequivocal sure. Chewing on ice is a horrible behavior that may do vital injury to your pearly whites. Why is it so detrimental to your oral well being? We break down why you need to by no means crunch on ice cubes and the way doing so can affect your well being.

Why Is Chewing on Ice So Dangerous for Your Tooth?

Ice is simply stable water. What may very well be so dangerous about that? Ice is a really powerful substance, and chewing on it will possibly put on down the enamel in your enamel. The enamel is the outermost overlaying of your enamel. It’s made up of calcium, phosphorus, and different minerals and is without doubt one of the hardest substances within the human physique. Nonetheless, it’s not indestructible. Consistently chewing on ice can put on down your enamel and make your enamel extra delicate to cold and hot. Crunching ice also can crack and chip enamel.

Chewing on ice also can injury enamel if the ice is sweetened with sugary syrups or juice. Whereas it could style pleasant, the mixture of sugar and exhausting icy materials will be much more detrimental to tooth enamel.

The Different Risks of Chewing on Ice

Whereas persistently chomping on ice is dangerous on your enamel, it could even be an indication of a deeper downside. If you happen to can’t cease chewing on ice, you will have a medical situation generally known as pagophagia. Pagophagia is a subset of a situation known as pica. Pica is categorized as a dysfunction the place individuals compulsively eat or chew on non-food gadgets.

Pagophagia could be a signal of a doable dietary deficiency, most frequently iron deficiency anemia. Iron deficiency anemia is a situation that impacts pink blood cells. Crimson blood cells are chargeable for carrying oxygen-rich blood all through the physique. Iron deficiency anemia occurs when there’s not sufficient iron within the blood. With out iron, pink blood cells can’t carry oxygen like they’re purported to. It’s nonetheless unclear why some individuals with this situation consistently must chew on ice.

Chewing on ice might also be an indication of a compulsive psychological well being situation.

Schedule an Appointment with Babylon Dental Care At the moment

Don’t watch for a tooth to interrupt. If you happen to chew on ice cubes usually, schedule an appointment with Babylon Dental Care at this time. Routine dental care might help shield your enamel from the impacts of ice chewing. An skilled dentist might also have options that can assist you break the ice chewing behavior.

To schedule your appointment with a caring and supportive dental workforce, name our workplace at (631) 983-8937. We wish to provide you with one thing to smile about!


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