Jillian Michaels Weight Loss Program Review

Jillian Michaels Weight Loss


Jillian Michaels is a popular trainer who is best known for her stint in the hit TV show “The Biggest Loser.” She has cashed in on the popularity gained from the said show by offering her own fitness program. Her website, is an online resource for everything fitness-related, providing specifically information on her weight loss program. Other programs featured in the website include her popular book on metabolism, workout DVD, yoga DVD, Wii game, weight loss supplement, and even a cookbook.

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The weight-loss program of Jillian Michaels is guided by three principles- self, science and sweat. For Jillian Michaels, losing weight is a gradual process. There is no quick fix in weight loss, thus the website helps individual to have the proper mindset, adopt healthy eating habits and develop a love for regular exercise.

Signing up for Jillian Michaels’ weight-loss program will cost a person about $4 a week. It begins with a person indicating his details such as age, weight, height, and ideal weight on the main page of the Jillian Michaels website. From there, he will be redirected to another page where he needs to answer more questions- like his eating habits and history of injuries.

The website will then recommend a weight loss program to the member depending on his weight loss goals and the other details he specified. Thus the diet programs and exercises are personalized according to the body type of the member. Weight-loss tools and meal plans are specified for the member. Online support in terms of motivation and diet planning are also given to the subscribed member.

By providing motivational support through the website, Jillian Michaels helps individuals to have the proper mindset in going through their weight-loss program. People who want to lose weight often fail to push through with their weight-loss goals because of the lack of focus and motivation. Information on making the right food choices, such as calorie counting, low-calorie foods, and shopping for healthy foods constitute the ‘science’ part while workout guides are for the ‘sweat’ component.

Meals are carefully selected to ensure that calories and carbohydrates are limited, with a good amount of protein to go with it. A sample meal for breakfast may consist of whole wheat bagel, while oven roasted turkey may be taken during lunch and beef lasagna with vegetables in the evening. The diet program does not prevent a person from enjoying certain foods although limitations in the servings are set.

In order to lose weight, Jillian Michaels says that a person has to burn a certain percentage of calories every day. Limiting the intake of calories is also crucial for the weight loss program of Jillian Michaels, so the meals are usually low in calories.

Regular exercise is likewise needed to make a person more likely to lose weight. Members have access to a weekly fitness planner specially designed for their requirements. There is also a complete guide to working out which instructs members which muscle groups they need to work out on. The guide also illustrates how an exercise should be done, which is excellent for beginners.


The program however is not free. Subscription to the program will cost an individual an average of $4 a week. Program costs about $52 which runs for 13 weeks. If a person cancels his subscription to the program, he will get a refund. However, canceling the subscription after less than 4 weeks will charge a member $20.


The weight-loss program has been found effective in promoting sustainable weight loss. The best part of this program is that it takes into consideration the body type of the person, so exercises and diet programs recommended are well-suited to a subscriber. This means that a subscriber can achieve weight loss safely and effectively without having to take up pills or to go hungry in certain parts of the day.

The online program is also regularly updated, while the website comes with fully downloadable sample exercises and meal plans. Michaels has also proven to be an effective motivator with her reputation built during her “Biggest Loser” days.

The weight-loss program is also quite cheap compared to other diet programs offered online. There is also no need to attend motivational meetings or classes in this weight-loss program.


The downside with this program is that a person has to exercise a lot, which may not sit well with everyone particularly those who are always busy. The program is perhaps more exercise-extensive than any other weight-loss programs available online.

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