Learning Self Control in an Atmosphere of Indulgence

Learning Self Control in an Atmosphere of Indulgence

Self control is not always easy.  We’re faced with temptations every day, especially in our modern, self indulgent society.  It seems something is trying to seduce you at every turn.  Whether it’s that luscious looking cheesecake, those gorgeous designer shoes, that desire to stop at the bar and forget the world for awhile, or lighting up a cigarette though you vowed to quit smoking.   We’re surrounded by temptations and the vision of other people indulging themselves without a care in the world.

For some people, it seems self control comes naturally. Whether this is true or a mere facade, we can only be concerned with our own well being. If you are one to struggle with will power, how can you learn self control once and for all?

There are methods that work.  Here are a few suggestions that can help:

What Aspects of Your Life Need More Self Control?

Are you always late to work?  Are you a compulsive shopper, a procrastinator, or always falling off your latest diet?  Take a look at your life and decide where you most need more self-discipline.  Write them down and review the list often. Reminding yourself in a tangible way of the things you need to work on can help you further accomplish your goals.

Where Do You Excel in Self Control?

You may not give yourself credit for it, but there are certain areas of your life where you practice self control all the time.  Do you always make your bed in the morning?  Do you pay your bills regularly?   Do you dress appropriately for the office even though you’d rather go super casual?  These are areas where you have succeeded in disciplining yourself to do the right thing.  It’s also important to give yourself credit for what you do right. Use these things as inspiration to apply the same technique in the areas where you struggle.

Believe in the Power of Positive Thinking

Have you ever heard of a self-fulfilling prophecy?  That’s when you keep feeding negative thoughts into your brain until they come true.  “I’ll never lose this weight.” “I can’t quit smoking.”  “I just don’t have any will power.”  Keep telling yourself that and you’ll believe it. That’s a quick route to failure.

Learn to eliminate those negative thoughts.  A positive attitude is your best weapon when it comes to combating self indulgence and achieving your goals on your own.

Start with Small Realistic Goals

If you try to accomplish too much at once, you’ll soon find yourself right back where you started.  Pick one area where you feel you need to practice more self discipline and focus on that for awhile.  For instance, if you want to get in better shape, start by exercising in small increments a day. Choose a form of exercise you enjoy like dancing or walking so you’ll be more motivated to stick to a routine. It’s more about consistency than anything else.

Keep a journal where you record your successes.  When you see you are accomplishing your goals, your confidence will grow and so will your motivation.  Soon you’ll be ready to tackle another target on your list of self improvement projects.

Practicing self control does not mean giving up all of life’s pleasures.  It’s not punishing yourself; it’s caring enough about yourself to do what’s best for you and noone else.

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