Stir Fry – A Healthy Option

Stir Fry

Have you ever wondered what makes the food at your local Chinese restaurant so tasty? Apart from the ingredients, it is the way that the food is cooked. This method is called stir fry which is basically a combination of high heat and less oil.

Health watchers prefer to use this method, because it has a lot of benefits. Here are some of the benefits of stir frying which can help you lead a healthier life as well.

Stir frying uses very little oil

When the wok that you use is extremely high, it steams the vegetables and sears them. This allows the vegetables to cook in their own water and adding a small quantity of oil is enough as the vegetables don’t absorb much oil.

Stir frying is a quick process

If the wok or the sauté pan that you use to cook is extremely hot, it allows you to cook the vegetables faster. The reason behind this is that when the wok is very hot, it takes very little time for the vegetables to cook and hence the nutritive value isn’t lost.

Stir frying is a good way to increase vegetable intake

The reason we eat various vegetables is that they contain high nutritive elements like Vitamin C, folic acid, iron and magnesium. Stir frying is an excellent option over microwave cooking or boiling because it retains the color of the vegetable and keeps it crunchy. By adding few flavours to it, you can make a quick snack for the little ones.

Stir fry works with meats

Many people enjoy a portion of meat, poultry or fish in their meal. Stir frying works well for these as well. However, ensure that you use lean meat and use lean meat and remove as much fat as possible by broiling before searing the meat. Adding garlic and spices brings a good taste to the meat as well.

So the next time you plan to cook your family a treat, try stir frying because the results you see will leave your family asking for more!

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