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Strawberry tooth whitening |

Steadily Requested Questions

For folks all in favour of utilizing a home-made strawberry and baking soda toothpaste, we’ve put collectively some generally requested questions under.

Is it protected to wash my tooth with strawberries and sodium bicarbonate?

If in case you have a wholesome mouth and wholesome tooth, it’s completely protected to wash your tooth with strawberries and sodium bicarbonate, Nonetheless, try to be conscious of the consequences that acid has in your tooth and the way the demineralization/remineralization course of works. Malic acid has a pH of about 2.2 and in consequence, it can demineralize tooth enamel by dissolving away calcium and phosphate minerals. To place it merely, because the malic acid works to take away stains it additionally removes a number of the mineral content material of your tooth. Though this sounds damaging, it’s fully regular as a result of afterward, minerals in your saliva with start to remineralize your tooth and return them to their pure state.
If you’re particularly liable to tooth decay, delicate tooth or dry mouth it’s best to seek the advice of your dentist earlier than utilizing a home-made toothpaste.



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