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It’s {the summertime}, which implies exhibiting off a bit of extra pores and skin. For a few of us this may imply that shaving and waxing our legs, underarms, and pelvic area at the moment are important elements of our skincare routine. However clean pores and skin typically comes at a worth — primarily ingrown hairs. IYKYK.

These itchy pink and generally pus-filled bumps generally is a ache to take care of. In line with board licensed dermatologist, Dr.  Morgana Colombo, MD, ingrown hair happens when a hair that’s been eliminated begins to develop again and curves into the pores and skin due to all of the shaving, tweezing or waxing that we do.

The excellent news is, we don’t need to cease hair removing altogether. There are just a few very helpful methods and merchandise to assist us do away with our ingrown hairs so we will exhibit our clean pores and skin bump-free.

Why can we get ingrown hairs?

“Because the hair reenters the pores and skin, your physique will react to it as a overseas physique inflicting irritation and redness. Ingrown hairs might be attributable to tweezing, waxing, shaving, or any type of hair removing,”  Dr. George Bitar, a Washington, DC-based board licensed plastic surgeon, tells SheKnows. Nonetheless, hair sort and its path of development may also trigger ingrown hairs. For instance, tightly wound curls come from curved hair follicles. As you shave, you create a brand new, sharper edge on the hair, making it simpler to pierce the pores and skin.”

Ingrown hairs not solely look cringe, however they will result in scarring and hyperpigmentation, and in uncommon cases, can result in folliculitis.

What are some issues that folks can do to assist stop them?

Should you’re somebody who prefers to shave, it’s all concerning the approach. Dr. Bitar recommends not shaving too near the pores and skin, utilizing a single-blade razor
, washing the pores and skin earlier than hair removing, and utilizing shaving gel or cream
to melt the hair. Moreover, “keep away from pulling on the pores and skin when shaving to keep away from drawing the hair again into the pores and skin. You should definitely shave within the path of your hair development, rinsing the blade after every stroke.”

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Beforehand, Dr. Colombo recommends making use of a heat towel for a couple of minutes previous to shaving to the world to be shaved might be useful. “Utilizing a mixture of 5 p.c benzoyl peroxide wash
combined with Aveeno shaving gel
previous to shaving face or physique to coat the pores and skin is useful. Put up-shaving making use of a gentle topical corticosteroid cream reminiscent of Cortizone 10 helps cut back irritation.”

The standard of your pores and skin additionally issues relating to stopping ingrown hairs. To assist prep your pores and skin Dr. Colombo suggests utilizing an OTC retinol cream
or a prescription retinol “adopted by a moisturizer on the face and an exfoliating moisturizer reminiscent of Cerave SA lotion
or Amlactin lotion
on the physique each night time retains the pores and skin exfoliated and fewer liable to ingrowns.”

Nonetheless, the final word prevention, says Dr. Colombo, is to not shave or wax hairs. “Permitting hairs to develop is one possibility. If hair needs to be eliminated laser hair removing prevents future ingrowns. Sufferers sometimes require 4-6 therapies normally carried out month-to-month. Observe that even just a few therapies will skinny down hairs and considerably assist stop ingrowns.”

Find out how to deal with ingrown hairs

“First, you could you should definitely exfoliate the pores and skin to get rid of any extra useless pores and skin and assist it launch the trapped hairs,” Dr. Bitar says. “You need to use lukewarm water and wash the affected areas in small, round motions with a washcloth, exfoliating brush, gel, or scrub.”

One other methodology he recommends is eradicating the ingrown hair that has looped again into the pores and skin by gently pulling it out with sterile tweezers, a pin, or a needle. Dr. Colombo means that utilizing a topical exfoliating agent reminiscent of retinol or glycolic acid cream on the face, or ammonium lactate or salicylic acid lotion on the physique may help soothe the pores and skin.

What can occur if ingrown hairs change into contaminated?

“When ingrown hairs change into contaminated or infected by an acne-like bump, a pus bump or a cyst might type ( aka folliculitis),” Dr. Colombo says. “These might be painful and very uncomfortable and unpleasant. Remedy is with prescription topical antibiotics or oral antibiotics.”

Beneficial strategies of ingrown hairs

So you’re keen on (okay, not love however you favor) shaving or waxing however the ingrown hairs are attending to you. What do you have to do? Dr. Bitar suggests just a few choices.

– Switching to an electrical razor or clippers. “With the razor, avoiding shaving so near the pores and skin might be extra manageable.”

– Chemical hair remover. “The chemical compounds in hair removing merchandise, like Nair, might irritate your pores and skin, so check on a small patch of hair first. Nonetheless, this may help keep away from sharp edges from penetrating the pores and skin throughout regrowth.”

– Laser hair removing. “Laser is extremely efficient in serving to keep away from and do away with ingrown hairs because it targets the supply of the issue. The laser straight hits the follicle, or hair root, burning away the power to provide hair.”

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