Why you should Avoid Deep Fried Food Items for Weight Loss Success

Weight Loss

Imagine being surrounded with delicious food right when you decide to lose weight. Difficult isn’t it? Food is man’s greatest weakness and among all those tempting foods, there is one that can negate your weight loss efforts – fried foods.

Fried foods tend to enhance the overall flavor on the tongue while harming the body. The reason behind this is that fried foods add a lot of unhealthy fat content to your body. How? Here are some ways in which fried food can be very bad for your weight loss goals.

#1 What do Fried foods contain

Majority of fried food contains trans fat. This helps to increase the shelf life of any food product. Trans fat result in LDL cholesterol which harms your system greatly. Your body does not receive trans fat often, and hence when you eat a lot of fried food, your system doesn’t know how to handle this. Therefore, it gets stored as layers of fat under your skin.

Another issue is that deep fried food has a very high level of sodium in it. The high level of sodium leads to high blood pressure. In a recent study it has been found that common fried food like fries, burgers and nuggets contain a chemical compound called Acrylamide, which also leads to other health ailments.

Your body requires proteins in order to be fit. But by eating fried food, the quantity of hydrogenated fat in your body increases, which is not good for weight loss.

#2 Effect of deep fried foods

While people may think that having fries or fried chicken once or twice in a week isn’t harmful, it is something that most personal trainers recommend to avoid. Fried foods cause an acidic reflux in your stomach which results in an upset stomach or in other cases severe indigestion.

Frying food tends to alter the nature of the food you eat. The nutritive value decreases and a lot of fat gets deposited as extra calories in your system, thereby making the weight loss process tougher.

The goal is not to avoid food only during weight loss, but to choose a healthier option instead. For example, baking or grilling food makes it tastier and maintains its nutritive value.

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