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World Struggle II Health Check

With our archives now 3,500+ articles deep, we’ve determined to republish a traditional piece every Sunday to assist our newer readers uncover a few of the greatest, evergreen gems from the previous. This text was initially revealed in September 2011.

The Military first launched a proper health check to its troops in 1942. Thousands and thousands of males had been being known as as much as combat in World Struggle II, and never all of them had been ready for the trials of fight. To get the boys in preventing form, the Military applied a scientific bodily growth program as a part of the Fight Primary Coaching course. And the Military Floor Forces Check was designed to evaluate whether or not this system was having its desired impact. The AGFT concerned a battery of 5 occasions: squat jumps, sit-ups, pull-ups, push-ups, and a 300-yard run. The emphasis was on purposeful health and giving American GI’s the energy, mobility, and endurance they would want to deal with actual duties on the battlefield.

The coaching program and health check which had been developed in the course of the conflict had been codified within the 1946 version of FM 21-20, the Military’s bodily coaching guide.

Within the many years after WWII, the navy’s emphasis on bodily health waxed and waned, relying on whether or not the nation was concerned in a battle.

Most lately, the Military launched the Military Fight Health Check as the latest iteration of their PT check. It includes six workout routines/occasions: deadlift, energy throw, hand-release push-ups, dash/drag/carry, leg tuck, and 2-mile run.

The AGFT stays a high-water mark for PT testing, nevertheless, for the best way it exams all-around health, whereas not requiring any particular gear (exterior of a pull-up bar).

For those who’d wish to see the way you’d stack up towards your grandfather or great-grandfather, take into account taking the WWII health check your self. Why? Effectively because the introduction to the unique check itself says:

Checks encourage the boys to enhance their bodily situation. Continuously males don’t understand what poor situation they’re in. When the exams reveal their deficiencies, they’re much extra receptive to an intensive bodily coaching program as a way to treatment their shortcomings.

So possibly taking the check will encourage you to get in form (or encourage you to really feel superior about how in form you already are).

For those who’re a coach, it is likely to be enjoyable to have your guys take the check; I took the younger males at my church by means of it and we had a good time.

Under you’ll discover the check, as taken immediately from FM 21-20. Earlier than we get to it, let’s go over a few pointers:

  • The WWII check requires that the workout routines be carried out with strict precision. To get an correct evaluation of how you probably did, don’t sacrifice high quality for amount!
  • Within the chart beneath, you will notice two batteries of exams — one for doing outdoor, one for doing indoors. Decide one or the opposite — not each. The fifth check within the indoor battery consists of two variations: select one or the opposite.
  • I’ve by no means been in a position to verify if/how a lot relaxation was allotted in between every train/occasion; once I do the check, I do one occasion just about proper after the opposite.


The WWII Health Check

1.  Pullups 1.  Pullups
2.  Squat Jumps 2.  Squat Jumps
3.  Pushups 3.  Pushups
4.  Situps 4.  Situps
5.  300-yard Run 5A.  Indoor Shuttle Run
  5A(1).  60-Second Squat Thrusts



This occasion requires a horizontal bar. This can be fabricated from a pipe or gymnasium horizontal bar, or different inflexible horizontal help which isn’t over 1½ inches in diameter. The bar needs to be excessive sufficient to allow the performer to hold at full size with out touching the bottom. A peak of seven ft, 9 inches to eight ft is advisable.

Beginning Place. Hanging at full size from the bar with arms straight. The ahead grasp is used with the palms turned away from the face.

Motion. Pull up till the chin is above the extent of the bar. Then decrease the physique till elbows are utterly straight. Proceed for as many repetitions as attainable.

Directions. The boys needs to be instructed that it’s permissible to lift the legs and flex the hips when pulling up however to not kick or execute a jerking movement with trunk or legs. The physique should be saved from swinging. The chin should be raised above the bar. The arms should be utterly straight on the backside of the motion.

Administration and Scoring. Every time the performer pulls his chin above the bar in appropriate kind, he’s given credit score for one pullup. He isn’t credited with a pullup if he fails to lift his chin above the extent of the bar or if he stops to relaxation. If the performer doesn’t straighten his arms on the backside of a motion, if he kicks or jerks, solely half a pull-up might be counted. If there are 4 half-pullups, the performer needs to be stopped and retested later. If the performer begins to swing, the decide ought to cease the swinging together with his arms. Some such help as a resin-bag or a cake of magnesium carbonate needs to be obtainable to stop the arms from slipping.


Beginning Place. Squatting on proper heel with fingers laced on high of head, palms down. The ft are 4 to six inches aside with the heel of the left foot on a line with the toes of the proper foot.

Motion. Spring upward till each knees are straight and each ft clear the bottom. Leap simply sufficient to allow straightening the knees with out touching the bottom. Don’t leap any larger than vital to perform this goal. Hold the higher physique erect. Whereas off the bottom, reverse the place of the ft bringing the proper foot in entrance. Then drop to a squat on the left heel. Hold the knees pointing ahead. Spring up once more and proceed for as many repetitions as attainable.

How to do squat jumps illustration military manual.Directions. The boys needs to be instructed that the commonest errors are: getting the ft too far aside, ahead and backward, and failing to squat down on the rear heel. The right place needs to be demonstrated clearly, and the boys needs to be given adequate follow to grasp it. The motion should be steady all through. Earlier than starting the occasion, the boys needs to be instructed that it requires braveness virtually to the identical extent because it requires energy and endurance and that they need to not quit till they can’t make one other motion.

Administration and Scoring. The performer is credited with one squat leap every time he springs up from the squat to the erect place and returns. The motion isn’t scored if he fails to descend to a whole squat, if he doesn’t straighten his legs utterly and reverse his ft whereas he’s within the air, if he removes his hand from his head, or if he discontinues the motion and involves a cease. If he loses his steadiness and removes a hand from his head momentarily, or falls however instantly recovers and continues, he shall not be penalized. If the performer will get his ft too far aside however involves a squat on the rear foot, there isn’t a penalty. Some males can’t squat all the best way down on the heel. In the event that they go down so far as attainable they shouldn’t be penalized.


Beginning Place. The performer assumes the entrance leaning relaxation place with the physique straight from head to heels. His palms are immediately beneath the shoulders and elbows are straight. Fingers pointed ahead. The decide sits on the bottom beside the performer, with one palm down on the bottom beneath the bottom a part of the performer’s chest.

Motion. Decrease physique till chest touches the bottom (in casual follow), or touches the hand of the decide (in formal testing). Elbows should level on to the rear. Return to the unique place by straightening elbows. Hold your entire physique in a straight line all through. Repeat as many instances as attainable.

How to do a proper push up illustration military manual.Directions. The performer is instructed: that the arms should be straight in the beginning and completion of the motion; that the chest should contact the decide’s hand; and that the abdomen, thighs, or legs should not contact the ground. Palms and ft should not transfer from their positions. He’s additionally instructed that the entire physique should be saved straight as he pushes the shoulders upward; that’s, the shoulders shouldn’t be raised first, after which the hips or vice versa. The decide makes use of his free hand to information the person in case he’s elevating his hips an excessive amount of or elevating his shoulders first. Within the first occasion, he faucets the person on the highest of the hips to straighten them out; within the second case he faucets beneath the stomach to make him increase his stomach with the identical pace as his shoulders.

Administration and Scoring. The performer is credited with one pushup every time his arms are utterly straightened and the train is carried out in acceptable kind. There is no such thing as a penalty for the hips being barely out of line if the entire physique is transferring upward at about the identical pace. The boys could proceed however could not cease to relaxation. If a person violates any of the directions given above, he’s credited with a half-pushup. If and when the performer is now not in a position to maintain an accurate entrance leaning relaxation, the check is terminated.


Beginning Place. Performer lies on his again with knees straight, ft roughly 18 inches aside and fingers laced behind head and elbows on the bottom. The scorer kneels on the bottom on the performer’s ft and presses the performer’s ankles firmly down towards the bottom.

Motion. Elevate higher physique rotating it considerably to the left, after which ahead far sufficient to the touch the proper elbow to the left knee. The knees could bend barely when sitting up. Decrease the physique till the again and elbows once more touches the bottom. Once more sit up, however this time rotate the trunk to the proper and contact left elbow to the proper knee. Once more decrease the physique till the again touches the bottom. Carry out as many situps as attainable in two minutes. Relaxation pauses are permitted in the course of the check however rely towards the 2-minute interval.

How to do sit-ups illustration military manual.Directions. The performer needs to be warned that he should preserve his knees straight till he begins to take a seat up; that he should contact his knee with the alternative elbow; and that he could not push up from the bottom together with his elbow.

Administration and Scoring. Performer is given credit score for every situp accomplished throughout the 2-minute interval. No rating is given if he unclasps his hand from his head, if he pushes up from his elbow, or if he retains his knees bent whereas mendacity again on the bottom. He isn’t penalized if the elbow misses the knee barely. He should, nevertheless, sit up far sufficient in order that the elbow virtually touches the knee. Time needs to be introduced each 20 seconds. On the finish of two minutes, the timer calls: STOP and the decide counts the complete variety of situps accomplished earlier than the cease command.


A course 60 yards lengthy is laid out on flat degree floor with lanes 4 ft large for every runner. Each ends of the course have cross-marks at proper angles to the lanes. The cross-mark at one finish serves as a beginning line; the one on the different finish, as a end line. In the course of the cross mark at both finish of every lane is a stake which is at the very least 1½ ft excessive. If attainable the lanes needs to be marked out in lime. If there aren’t any lanes, it’s endorsed that the stakes be numbered or painted completely different colours. Every performer should run round his stake with out greedy it.

Beginning Place. Standing behind the beginning mark within the lane with rear foot braced by one other man’s foot positioned crossways behind it.

Motion. On the beginning sign, run to the stake on the farther finish of the lane. Run across the stake on the end line. Then return and run across the stake on the beginning line. Proceed till 5 lengths of the course, or 300 yards have been run. Make every flip from proper to left. The run will end on the reverse finish of the course from which it began.

A diagram of a stake.Directions. The boys needs to be instructed to run about 9/10ths full pace, to run straight down the lane, to show across the far stake from proper to left with out touching it, and to return operating across the stakes one after one other till they’ve traveled 5 full lengths. The boys also needs to be instructed to stroll round slowly for 3 or 4 minutes after finishing the run. Restoration might be far more speedy in the event that they stroll than in the event that they lie down.

Administration and Scoring. Every runner has one inspector, or decide, who stands on the end line. The decide watches his runner to see that he makes the turns correctly and observes all the foundations. This inspector additionally holds the person’s card and information his efficiency. A timekeeper stands on one of many strains in the midst of the course, 20 ft away from the end line. The boys are began by the starter with unusual indicators of: “Get in your mark; get set; go.” For the reason that timer begins his watch by the “go,” the starter also needs to use a hand sign.

When the primary runner is about 30 yards away from the end line, the timer begins to rely the seconds aloud utilizing “hup” for the half-seconds. For instance, he counts “44, hup, 45, hup, 46, hup, 47, hup, 48, hup …… and many others.” The decide for every man listens to the rely and on the similar time watches his runner. He then information the final full second or half-second, which was counted earlier than the person reached the end line. After the inspector information the time on the person’s scorecard he returns the cardboard to him.


A course 25 yards lengthy is laid out on the gymnasium flooring with a lane 4 ft large for every runner. The lanes needs to be marked on the ground with water-solvent coloring, chalk, paint or adhesive tape. Turning boards are positioned at each ends of the course. Every turning board is positioned at a 45º angle, dealing with contained in the lane and towards the runner. The turning boards should be firmly braced and fabricated from heavy materials. They need to be from 12 to 16 inches in width. The decrease edges of the turning boards are flush with the top of the strains of the operating space. The variety of every lane might be painted on the face of its board.

Beginning Place. Prepared for a dash begin, with one foot braced towards a turning board and the opposite foot and the arms prolonged into the lane.

Motion. On the beginning sign, run to the turning board on the different finish of the lane. Contact board with foot or ft. Flip and proceed operating till finishing ten shuttle journeys or laps (for a complete of 250 yards). Contact the turning board on the finish of every lap, besides the ultimate one. On the finish of the ultimate lap, the runner will proceed throughout the turning board. Any footwork could also be utilized in making the flip supplied the foot or ft contact the turning board every time.

Directions. Every runner should keep in his personal lane. Any technique could also be utilized in making the flip, though it’s endorsed that the ahead foot contact the block on the flip. Within the occasion a runner falls or is hindered by one other participant getting into his lane in the course of the progress of the run, he could also be permitted to repeat the run later in the identical interval.

Administration and Scoring. This occasion is run and scored because the 300-yard run. The time of the run is taken because the runner’s physique passes past the turning board on the ultimate lap.


When it’s not attainable to make use of the indoor shuttle run as an alternative to the 300-yard run the 60-second squat thrust needs to be used.

Beginning Place. Consideration.

Motion. Bend at knees and hips and, squatting down, place arms on floor shoulder width aside. Hold the elbows contained in the knees. Thrust ft and legs backward to a entrance leaning relaxation place. Hold physique straight from head to heels. Assist weight on arms and toes. Get better to the squatting place. Then recuperate to beginning place.

How to do burpees squat thrust illustration military manual.Directions. The boys needs to be instructed that in executing this motion for pace the shoulders needs to be effectively forward of the arms when the legs are thrust backwards. Extending the legs too far backward, in order that the shoulders are behind the arms, makes it tough to return to the unique place with pace. On the preliminary follow, the performer is instructed he’ll rating higher if he doesn’t make a full knee-bend, however bends his knees solely to a couple of proper angle; and that he ought to preserve his arms straight. It’s not a failure if he bends his arms however the performer won’t be able to attain as effectively.

Administration and Scoring. A rating is given for the profitable efficiency of every full squat thrust. No rating is given if: the ft begin backward earlier than the arms are positioned on the bottom; the hips are raised above the shoulder-heel line when the ft are again; or the performer doesn’t absolutely recuperate to the erect place on the fourth rely. The decide mustn’t rely aloud as that is apt to confuse different close by judges. If the person is performing the occasion incorrectly, the decide ought to coach him, or cease him and have him repeat the check after extra teaching.

How did you do? Verify the rating sheet.



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